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nev from Australia 20 Oct 2006, 08:45
elsie i think i would go with a small haircut on top as well. nice colours.
Elsie Farrington: lol. Thanks Nev..

chunter from United Kingdom 20 Oct 2006, 08:56
There's a cracking picture trying to get out here. I agree with you about cropping; almost all of my original shots benefit from some form of cropping.

Yes, cropping the top or bottom seems obvious, doesn't it, but you know what? I think a square crop starting an inch in from the right and an inch down from the top, dragged down to an inch from the bottom (all measurements approximate, of course) would make a nice image. That gets rid of the ugly post on the left and importantly makes more of that lovely central tree.

Then adjust the levels and boost the saturation to make the most of that gorgeous colour. That may also bring out a little additional detail in the sky where there is just a hint already.

Great start, but a bit more work I think could make it even better.

I could also be talking a load of cobblers, of course!
Elsie Farrington: hmm...not cobblers at all smile Very good advice, seems so obvious now that you mention it. Thanks alot Colin..

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Mal from Great Britain (UK) 20 Oct 2006, 17:41
Hee hee Elsie, what have you done, you've got everyone going cropping mad? Leave well alone, it's great as is. Mal
Elsie Farrington: Lol, thanks Mal smile

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shutterspeed 1/50s
aperture f/3.5
sensitivity unknown
focal length 17.3mm
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